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10-31-2011 - Guys, I want to recommend you check out FFH's new Christmas Album!:


09-24-2011 - The Halsted re-union was a great success.  We had a great time at Toadsuck campsite this year!  Lots of food and a fun time playing games, visiting with each other and letting the kids run wild.  Thanks to everyone who showed up!  I'm glad Jason and I didn't have to eat all those burgers by ourselves.  Thanks Hannah for the burgers!

01-20-2011 - Kay's new website is almost finished.  You can check it out here (www.kaycocklin.com).

12-21-2010: I've been hired to create a new website for author: Kay Cocklin and her new book.  Details on the book and more on her will be coming soon.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

11-15-2010: I just finished the National Guard of Arkansas Association's website (www.ngaa.org).  They now have the ability to edit/maintain their own website and process their Membership Dues online.

11-01-2010: I created a website called GimmeSomeSugar.biz for friend, Xandra Sharpe.  Check it out!  Great cakes and cookies (Greenbrier, AR)

03-04-2010: I have been working on my Uncle Alpha's website for his Ranch.  The Halsted Ranch Beefmasters site is now online!  More info below.

01-05-2010: I have been working on a friend's website.  It's: keeterfamilyfarm.com.  I added Kristen's blog to my site (both on my main page and the 'links' page).  Happy 2010 to everyone!

11-20-2009: I setup my friend's music on my site: Cary Cox.  Please check his tunes out.  Just do it!  It's under Music, Cary Cox.

11-05-2009: I updated the 'links' page and added a 'files' page to the 'Resources' pull-down.  Also added flash heading images to all pages.

07-15-2009: I posted a new song to the Music page called Let's Take It Back.  This will be updated a lot more over time, but the initial song is up.

06-12-2009: I added some Links to the 'links' portion of the website and updated the main menu navigation at the top of the page.  I hope to add a new main header later on.

06-03-2009: I posted the pictures from Chad's Bronco club expedition on the 'Photos' page.  These were taken on 05-30-2009.

05-14-2009: I posted a new song I wrote called 'Narrow Road' on the music page.  Based on Luke 13:24 and Matthew 7:13,14.

05-12-2009: I added Clint and Kristen's wedding video to the site.

03-26-2009: I added our Petit Jean video to the video section of the site.

01-05-2009: HalstedHOME.com is finally taking shape as a website again.  Please bear with me as I get things rolling online.  I've been extremely busy. KenMan

Halsted Ranch Beefmasters
If You are interested in some Grass-fed, top of the line Beef, check out this website and contact my Uncle Alpha Halsted.

URL: http://ranch.halstedhome.com
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